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Ranch Cutting Horse Association

560 Wilson Ranch Rd - Holliday, Tx 76366

Office: 940-586-1839 - Cell: 940-631-4490 - Fax: 940-586-0189

Website:  www.ranchcutters.com --- Email: rcha.association@yahoo.com 



     The RCHA was formed in 1998 to fill a void left by the overspecialization of the horse industry.  For years, the large ranches used the cutting events as a showcase and marketing tool for their ranch raised and trained horses.  Through the years, the cutting events have evolved to the point that most ranches are not able to participate at a competitive level riding the same horses they use to perform daily ranch activities.  RCHA sanctioned events are open to any working ranch's family or employees riding true ranch horses which are used for day to day activities on the ranch.  At present RCHA members hail from over 60 different working ranches from 3 states.  The ranches reepresent almost two and half million acres of land, over fifty thousand head of mother cows and nearly one hundred fifty thousand yearlings.


     In 2013 there will be approximately 10 cuttings.  Horses will accumulate points in four divisions.  The Junior Division are horses 5 years old and younger, the Open Aged Division are horses of any age, the Limited Division is for riders with limited earnings and the Youth Division for youth 14 years old and younger.  The top 10 point earners in each division will qualify for the finals at the Caleb Larson Cowboying For The Kids Memorial Ranch Rodeo in September.


     Welcome and we hope you enjoy your visit to our website.  If you have any questions just call or email and we will be happy to answer them.


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